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Welcome to the Mountain West Outdoor Club

The Mountain West Outdoor Club (MWOC) is a recreational and social organization that provides its members with planned outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, bicycling and kayaking. MWOC also presents educational programs about nature, the environment, and outdoor activities.

Membership is available without regard to race, sex, creed, religion, age, gender identity, color or national origin. Click here to learn more about becoming a MWOC member.

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Upcoming events

Weekly activities

MWOC offers hikes every week: Tuesday morning hikes are usually 3 to 5 miles long for ~2 hours. Lunch afterwards for those who wish to socialize. Wednesday morning hikes are 5 miles or longer, approximately 3 hours in duration, and often with challenging elevation gain or terrain. Thursday hikes are casual and least challenging. During the winter the club skis on Thursdays at Bogus Basin, and during the summer there are kayak/canoe and biking trips. See the calendar for announcements of upcoming activities. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday hikes are "come if you wish" for members and their guests. The leaders of other activities may request an RSVP. Check the calendar and with activity leaders.

Extended day trips and overnight adventures

Club members often lead day trips, such as hiking trips to the Idaho City area or to Swan Falls. Extended trips may be overnight or a week or more, and involve camping, backpacking, or hotel stays. Trip leaders will have details; see the calendar for announcements of upcoming extended trips.

Social events

Under normal circumstances, MWOC hosts a monthly potluck dinner with a brief business meeting and educational program. During the current pandemic, picnic meetings are held outdoors in the Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park on Walnut Street in Boise on the first Monday of the month, from May through September. Unless noted otherwise, meetings between October and April will be held on the first Wednesday of the month at the Maple Grove Grange. Guests of members are welcome, and others are encouraged to contact the club (see Contact Us, in the banner at the top of the page) for information on attending. Members should watch their email for updates on monthly meetings.

The MWOC annual catered picnic is held on the first Monday in August, conditions permitting. Members attend free of charge. The cost for guests is $20 per person. Please contact the club or see the calendar for additional information.

Members organize social activities throughout the year, including holidays. Please see the calendar for upcoming events.

Announcements to members by email

Announcements for all activities, from weekly hikes as well as special trips, are made by email blast to all members. Please contact the MWOC membership chair or webmaster if you have difficulty receiving emails.


Mountain West Outdoor Club,  P. O. Box 6815, Boise, ID 83707

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